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ADAC GT Masters: Round 1 - Oschersleben

About this episode

Join us as we catch up with the drivers of ADAC GT Masters as they start their 2018 season in Oschersleben in Germany, with highlights from ADAC F4 and ADAC TCR.

About this program:ADAC GT Masters


Episode title:ADAC GT Masters: Round 1 - Oschersleben

Episode number:1


Run time:25m 57s

Category:Racing coverage

Related racing series:ADAC GT-Masters

About this program:

The ADAC GT Masters is a grand tourer-based auto racing series founded by the international Stéphane Ratel Organisation (SRO) and supported by the German ADAC automotive club. Similar to an earlier ADAC GT Cup series in the 1990s, the new GT Masters ran their first season in 2007. More info >