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Episode 17 - Hungarian GP Review

About this episode

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes won the Hungarian GP against all odds - and much of the reason for that came on Saturday in the wet, when Lewis seized a pole that should on paper have gone to Ferrari or Red Bull. In the Motorsport Studio in Richmond, Surrey, England, Peter Windsor and Stuart Codling, Executive Editor of the Motorsport Group, analyse those results and the race from a variety of different angles. Craig Scarborough continues the theme, explaining why Mercedes' tyre and chassis set-up - normally so tough on tyres - gave them a sweet spot in the wet - and also annotates our latest 3D animation (Red Bull's Hungary aero bolt-ons). We talk to one of the major new stars of F1 - Force India's Esteban Ocon - and we also pay tribute to Sergio Marchionne, the Ferrari President who passed away last week.

Program:Motorsport Show


Episode title:Episode 17 - Hungarian GP Review

Episode number:17


Run time:24m 29s

Category:Feature magazine

Related racing series:Formula 1

About this program

Peter Windsor presents the weekly round up of the world of Motorsport, from our European HQ, In Richmond, London. More info >