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Over The Edge

About this episode

Motorbike crashes are always spectacular. When a rider leaves his machine he hits the tarmac at speeds of around 200mph providing a breathtaking display of body-braking as he slithers, slides and cartwheels to a halt. The sheer skill of the following pack in avoiding both bike and rider is mind-blowing - but even they don’t always get away with it. Wet and wild riding in torrential rain is no bar to these super-heroes and machine after machine hits the deck as they fight for control. Filmed at American and Canadian circuits, we have selected the most dramatic moments when even the best racers get it wrong!

Channel:Duke Classic Videos

About this program:Duke Classics - Havoc


Episode title:Over The Edge

Episode number:5

Run time:51m 28s

Category:Racing coverage

About this program:

We bring you all the crash and havoc from day to day racing More info >