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Havoc 16


Duke Classics - Havoc


Strap yourself in for an hour-long burst of smacks, clouts, bumps and bashes from modern day circuit racing! A superbly edited range of calamities featuring many of Britain's most fiercely contested and popular championships presented by Channel 4 and Eurosport's Amanda Stretton - Britain's raciest lady!

No-one is spared in this latest helping of dints, dents and demolitions. It seems experience and skill count for nothing when it all starts going pear-shaped! Watch out for Jenson Button and Luciano Burti's F3 disasters and former World Champion Nigel Mansell crashing his two-seater Formula One car at Donington! Keep your hand on the rewind button because some of these mishaps definitely need a second look! Out of control and heading for disaster?... You'd better believe it!

Channel:Duke Classic Videos
About this program:Duke Classics - Havoc
Episode title:Havoc 16
Episode number:14
Run time:59:17
Category:Racing coverage

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