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Donington 8 Hours 1987

About this episode

150+ bhp specials from France, Japan, UK, Holland and Switzerland with some of the world's finest riders aboard aimed to be first across the line after 8 hours and 650 miles of full-pace racing. Frenchmen Herve Moineau and co-rider Bruno Le Bihan on a 750 Suzuki, Mat Oxley and Geoff Fowler on a 750 Yamaha and Gerard Jolivet and Michel Simeau on another Suzuki were the top contenders. But a lot can happen in 8 hours and Videovision helps you capture all the action - condensed into 43 action packed minutes.

Channel:Duke Classic Videos

About this program:Duke Classics - Superbike


Episode title:Donington 8 Hours 1987

Episode number:2


Run time:43m 39s

Category:Racing coverage

About this program:

Superbike from the archives of Duke Video More info >

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