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British MXGP Round 2 1990

About this episode

The opening leg of the sunny second round of the British 500 Motor Championship got off to a flying start at Cadders Hill, Lyng- almost -literally in fact when a major incident took place only yards from the start gate and several riders became airborne. After a luckless first round would World Champion and Kawasaki's number 1 star Dave Thorpe come to terms with his new steed? Arch rival Kurt Nicoll achieved swift and effortless rapport back in the saddle of a KTM after a five year gap but would Berkshire-man Dave be able to prove the pessimists wrong in this challenging event? Or would Honda prove power to be superior in the hands of young stalwarts such as Mark Eastwood, Rob Andrews, Stuart Coyle and Ryan Hunt? The answers to all these questions are brilliantly captured in this all-action video.

Channel:Duke Classic Videos

About this program:Duke Classics - Motocross


Episode title:British MXGP Round 2 1990

Episode number:12

Run time:50m 42s

Category:Racing coverage

Related racing series:MXGP

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