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British Midland Ulster Rally 1990

About this episode

The 1990 British Midland Ulster Rally - round 5 of the Shell Open Rally Championship - started, and finished in Belfast after 21 demanding stages. The event attracted Colin McRae (GP A Ford Sierra RS Cosworth), Gwyndaf Evans (GP N Ford Sapphire RS Cosworth), Graham Middleton (GP A BMW M3), Paul Frankland, (GP A Peugeot 205 GTi 1.6), David Llewellin (GP A Toyota Celica GT4), and John Hagland (GP A Skoda). The battle for supremacy was tough, close and unyielding and the best of the action is all here for you to enjoy as often as you wish. Keep an eye open for a certain gentleman who makes rallying history in an unprecedented way!

Channel:Duke Classic Videos

About this program:Duke Classics - National Rally


Episode title:British Midland Ulster Rally 1990

Episode number:4

Run time:50m 23s

Category:Racing coverage

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